8 Tips to Improve Your Rhythm on the Dance Floor

Rhythm is a sequence of beats.
Anyone can have rhythm, it may just be that you’ve never learnt how to identify it. Think of your heartbeat, there are rhythms all around us.

1Listen before you dance.
Many people start dancing without even listening to the rhythm. You may be nervous or self-conscious or even over-eager! Concentrate on the music playing.

2 – Look for rhythm cues in the music.
Think of the beat as a constant sound like the ticking of a clock, within a variety of other instrumental sounds. Listen to the music and listen for a constant pattern, find the “heartbeat” of the song.

3 – Feel the Rhythm.
Once you have found, and can hear the beat. Connect your body to the music and rhythm, nod your head, tap your foot, or move from side to side.

4 – Start easy.
Focus on the beats. Initially start moving your body in simple movements, in time with the beats.

5 – Connect rhythmically with your partner.
If the music is for a partner dance, you need to be moving in rhythm with your partner. Match your movements to your partner’s rhythm.

6 – Understand the relationship between your movements and the beats.
Be aware of your movements and try changing them, but keep to the beat. This will allow you to practise different movements and become creative.

7- Practice new movements to a beat.
Practice new movements to a rhythmic tempo. You can slow the moves down at first and practise slowly until you gain more confidence and perfect the technique.

8 – Be confident.
When you can move to the beat, be confident in your movements, self conscious movements and hesitations will affect your steps and ruin your concentration.